4 Contoh Narrative Text Paling Menarik

4 Contoh Narrative Text Paling Menarik. Contoh Narrative Text, Pengertian Narrative Text, Tujuan dibuatnya Narrative Text, Struktur Narrative Text, Ciri – Ciri Narrative Text, dan Penulisan Narrative Text.

Pengertian Narrative Text

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Narrative Text yaitu: “a narrative (or story) is any report of connected events, presented in a sequence of written or spoken words, and/or in a sequence of (moving) pictures”.

Atau bila diterjemahkan, yang disebut dengan Narrative text yaitu jenis genre yang rangkaian momen atau ceritanya dari waktu ke waktu serta di uraikan dengan urutan awal, tengah dan akhir. Jadi mesti berurutan, maksudnya urutan itu diceritakan secara runtut serta tidak boleh loncat-loncat.

Tujuan Narrative Text 

Tujuan dasar dari text cerita yaitu untuk menghibur serta menarik minat pembaca dengan menyajikan narasi atau momen yang mempunyai permasalahan yang menyebabkan perseteruan serta pada akhir narasi ada resolusinya atau akhir yang bahagia atau bahkan juga menyedihkan.

Sesungguhnya teks narrative tidak cuma terbatas pada narasi yang berbau mistis, fiksi, legenda, dongeng maupun fabel saja, namun narasi lain yang berupa petualangan, misteri dan semua bentuk narasi.

Dasarnya, narrative text yaitu mengenai narasi. Namun dalam pelajaran di sekolah, teks yang bergenre naratif umumnya cuma dipakai untuk menunjukkan narasi fiksi seperti dongeng maupun legenda saja.

Bila dilihat dari jenisnya, maka narrative text yang kerap dimaksudkan oleh bapak ibu guru yaitu termasuk juga kategori Cerita Sugestif, yakni teks yang maksudnya supaya pembaca mendapatkan hikmah dari satu narasi.

Struktur Umum 
  1. Orientasi: set adegan serta memperkenalkan para peserta. 
  2. Komplikasi: krisis, perseteruan, atau permasalahan muncul. 
  3. Resolusi: krisis atau permasalahan itu terselesaikan, untuk lebih baik atau lebih buruk. 
  4. Re-Orientasi: Opsional (tidak harus). 
Ciri Redaksi Narrative Text 

Bila anda memperoleh tugas untuk membuat satu tulisan dengan genre narrative text, ciri berikut ini dapat dijadikan dasar: 
  1. Konsentrasi pada satu tokoh atau pelaku serta umumnya perorangan hingga biasanya memakai kata ubah seperti “I, we, she, he”. 
  2. Seringkali memakai past tense baik itu simple past tense, past continuous, ataupun bentuk past tense yang lain. 
  3. Kadang-kadang memakai dialog untuk mengajak pembaca berimajinasi hingga ceritanya tampak lebih jelas serta nyata. 
  4. Lantaran berurutan (kronologis), umumnya juga memakai kata sambung (conjunction) supaya narasi tampak runtut atau urut. 

Contoh Narrative Text

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Contoh 1 
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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young girl named Cinderella. He lived with his step mother and two sisters. They were arrogant and bad tempered.

They treated Cinderella very badly. Her step mother made Cinderella do the hardest job in the house, such as scrubbing the floor, cleaning the pot and pan and preparing food for the family.

Her step sisters, on the other hand, did not work on the house. Their mother gave them many pretty dresses to wear.

One day, a king invited all girls in his kingdom to attend a ball in his palace. They were excited about this and spent so much time choosing the dresses they would wear. Cinderella could not stop crying after they left.

“Why are you crying, Cinderella? ” the voice asked.

She looked up and saw a fairy standing beside her. Then Cinderella told her why she was crying. Well the fairy said, “you’ve been such a cheerful, hardworking, uncomplaining girl that I will see that you go to the ball.”

The fairy turned a pumpkin into a coach and mice into a smooth two coach man and footman then tapped Cinderella’s dress with her wand, and it became a beautiful ball gown.

Then he gave her a pair of pretty glass shoes. Now, Cinderella, she said, “you have to leave the ball before midnight”. Then he drove away a wonderful coach. Cinderella had a marvelous time either.

She danced again and again with the prince. Suddenly the clock began to strike twelve, she ran toward the door as fast as he could do. In her hurry, one of her glass shoes left behind.

A few days later, the prince declared that he would marry the girl whose feet fitted the glass shoe.

Cinderella’s stepsisters tried on it but it was too small for them, no matter how hard they squeezed their toes into it. In the end, the king’s page let Cinderella try the shoe.

She stretched his legs and slipped the shoe on the page. It fitted perfectly. Finally, she was ushered into a magnificent palace and height. The prince were glad to see her again. They married and lived happily ever after.

  1. Paragraf pertama memuat Orientation, yakni pengenalan tokoh-tokoh yang ada pada dongeng Cinderella. 
  2. Paragraf kedua memuat Complication, yakni permasalahan muncul saat Cinderella tidak bisa pergi ke pesta dansa (ball). 
  3. Paragraf ketiga memuat Resolution, yakni permasalahan teratasi saat seorang peri menolongnya. 
  4. Paragraf paling akhir, memuat Re-Orientation, yakni akhir narasi yang bahagia di mana pada akhirnya Cinderella menikah dengan pangeran.
Contoh 2 
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Once upon a time, there was a puppeteer named Geppetto. He really wanted a boy but his wife has been died for a long time ago. One day, he had an idea. He wanted to make a puppet so he would never felt lonely again. He made a puppet all night without resting.

In the morning, finally he finished his work. He named the puppet, Pinocchio. He played whole day with Pinocchio. However, he felt lonely again because Pinocchio couldn't talk or walk by himself. In the middle of the night, Geppetto prayed to the God. His wish was Pinocchio became a real boy, human. He thought it on his mind in his dream.

In the next morning, he surprised. Pinocchio was alive. He really was happy. He tough Pinocchio how to walk, how to speak, how to read etc. like a teacher. Pinocchio learned fast. He entered an elementary school. One day, Pinocchio felt bored.

So, he went home late. Geppetto worried about him. When Pinocchio came to home, Geppetto asked him. He said he was on school but he didn't. Suddenly, Pinocchio's nose grow longer. It meant that Pinocchio lied.

The next day, Pinocchio got caught by thieves. The thieves was the owner of circus. Pinocchio became a slave for the circus. He was famous because he was a talking puppet. Geppetto worried him. Pinocchio didn't come home for 2 days.

He found Pinocchio everywhere. When he discovered the sea, big wave smashed him. He was on whale's stomach when he awoke. He couldn't find the way out.

In different place, Pinocchio finally could get out from circus. He went to home but Geppetto wasn't on there. He found Geppetto at sea. He had the same accident like Geppetto. He met Geppetto in whale's stomach. They got out from its stomach by made a fire.

They went home back together. In the end, they lived happy forever after.

Contoh 3 
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Alladin and The Magic Lamp 

Once upon a time, there lived a handsome boy in Baghdad. The name was Aladdin. He was a clever boy, but he did not like to work.

One day Aladin’s mother sent him to the market place to look for a job. In the market he met a magician. The magician asked him to work together with him. If Aladdin could do, he would get a lot of gold coins and jewellery.

The magician asked Aladdin to go inside the cave and find a magical lamp there. He also gave a ring and said, “If you are in any trouble, rub this ring and a genie will come to your rescue!”

Aladdin went into the cave. Inside the cave, Aladdin was surprised by what he saw. Every corner was full of gold and treasures. A few minutes later, he found the lamp and quickly returned to the entrance of the cave.

Aladdin called out, “Magician, I have found the lamp.”

“Excellent, ” answered the magician. “Quick, pass it to me!”

Aladdin did not trust the magician so he said, “Not so fast Magician. You must help me out of this cave first.”

The magician became very angry. When Aladdin was walking to the entrance, the magician pushed a huge rock over the entrance of the cave and left Aladdin and the lamp behind. Aladdin tried to move the rock all by himself, but it was too big and heavy, “Oh no! I am trapped in the cave!” he cried.

Suddenly, he remembered the magic ring. He rubbed it with the palm of his hand. To his kejutan, a genie appeared before him and in a powerful voice said, “Master, I am the Genie of the ring. How can I help you?”

Aladdin was frightened, but he soon found the courage to ask, “Could you please send me back to my house? ” In no time at all Aladdin was back home.

Aladdin took out the lamp. He wondered what would happen if he rubbed it. As Aladdin was rubbing it, all of a sudden another enormous genie stood before him. The genie of the lamp said, “Master, your wish is my command. ” Aladdin was very excited and wished for an enormous palace and bags full of gold.

One day, a beautiful princess was passing by Aladdin’s palace. She stopped to talk to Aladdin and soon they became good friends. Before long, Aladdin and Jasmine fell in love each other. She married Aladdin and lived happily.

Contoh 4 
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Snow White (Putri Salju) 

Once upon a time there lived a little, named Snow White. She lived with her aunt and uncle because her parents were died.

One day she heard her aunt and uncle talking about leaving Snow White in the castle because they wanted to go to America and they didn’t have enough money to take Snow White with them.

Snow White didn’t want her uncle and aunt to do this. So she decided to run away. The next morning she run away from home when her aunt and uncle were having breakfast, she run away into the wood.

In the wood she felt very tired and hungry. Then she saw this cottage. She knocked but no one answered so she went inside and felt asleep.

Meanwhile seven dwarfs were coming home from work. They went inside. There, they found Snow White woke up. She saw the dwarfs. The dwarfs said ; “What is your name?”.

Snow White said ; “My name is Snow White”. One of the dwarfs said ; “If you wish, you may live here with us”. Snow White told the whole story about her. Then Snow white ad the seven dwarfs lived happily ever after.

Demikianlah pembahasan kami mengenai 4 Contoh Narrative Text Paling Menarik, untuk berbagai informasi yang kami sajikan pada kesempatan ini, harapannya semoga Contoh Narrative Text di atas sedikitnya dapat menambah pengetahuan tersendiri bagi anda para pembaca.

Khususnya bagi anda yang saat ini sedang mencari referensi dalam menulis sebuah Narrative Text. Terima kasih atas kunjungannya dan salam sukses untuk sahabat semuanya.

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